6 Simple Tips to Get More Organized, Grow Your Biz and Create More Free Time!

If you’re looking to have more control over your time…

Develop more free time…

AND make more premium Snap sales…

Then watching this video and reading this blog post is a good idea.

In it, I share several simple tips you can implement today to create more time freedom and generate more sales with your premium Snapchat business.

Here’s the outline of the tips I share in this video…

  1. Have An Accountability Partner

    • This can be your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend or just a friend
    • They can help you develop and stick to a schedule
    • If you don’t have someone nearby, message us and we’ll set something up for you
  2. Have An Income Goal

    • Set a goal that’s big enough to excite you and small enough you believe you can hit it
    • Turn your goal into a daily income goal, so you focus on the proper activities that will create that goal
  3. Set Reminders In Your Phone

    • Use Google calendars or whatever tool you use as a calendar in your phone to set reminders every day, week etc to do specific tasks (takeovers, public content, premium shows, etc)
  4. Create A To-Do List Each Day With Things You Want To Get Done

    • I suggest using a yellow legal pad and pencil
    • Focus on the highest priority tasks each day.
    • Re-write the tasks you didn’t do on the following days list
  5. Have Your Fans Help You Be More Accountable!

    • Tell your fans you’ll be doing something on a particular day. Telling other people something will help you be more accountable to actually doing it.
    • TIP: If you’re unable to do the thing you said, be sure to tell them ahead of time! Let them know and tell them you’ll make it up to them. Otherwise, it’s a broken agreement and can lead to a spiral downward and they’ll lose trust in you.
  6. Create A Schedule That Works For YOU!

    • You know your schedule and situation better than I do, so create a schedule that works for you!
    • Plan your takeovers, public content, and premium content with the time you have available.
      • Your accountability partner can help you with this

These are some simple yet VERY effective tips you can begin implementing today that will assist YOU in…

Having more control in your business and life AND help you generate more sales while also creating more free time for yourself!

If you have any questions or would like any assistance with any of these tips, simply message me directly and let me know!



How To Use “Mind Control” To Get More Premium Snapchat Sales

“Don’t think of a pink elephant!”

What’s the first thing you thought of?

You probably imagined a pink elephant in your mind, right?

Why would you do that, even though I said not to?

Because the mind doesn’t work with ‘negatives’…

It only works with mental pictures.

Don’t think of the number 2.

You probably thought of the number 2, right?

So what does this have to do with YOU and making more sales on your premium Snapchat?

Well, it’s simple….

Basically, if you want more people to join you….

Give them the clear and direct suggestion!

Don’t say, “I don’t want you to miss it”

Why? Because the mental image is of ‘missing it’

Rather, use a phrase like, “Be sure you signup so you can watch my newest show!”

And if you implement a Call To Action in 3’s…

…taken from last blog post…

You could say something like this…

“Now be sure to signup today so you can watch my newest show! All you have to do is go to my website (www.yoursite.com), click the button that says “YES! Sign me Up!”, fill out the form, give me your ACCURATE Snapchat username, and then you can get access to my premium to watch this show I just did!”

Do you see how specific that is?

Perhaps as you were reading it, you had the clear mental picture in your mind of the order process.

THAT is what you want your potential customers to have!

When you can put a clear mental picture in their mind of EXACTLY what you want them to do…

Then they are much more likely to do it.

And by the way, this works for ANYTHING!

Not just your premium shows.

This works if you have kids, a partner, with friends, co-workers, etc.

Human nature is the same for everyone!

We all think in pictures.

So always remember to use words, stories and calls to actions in a way where it is what you DO want your viewers to do.

Again, rather than saying…

“Don’t get distracted and forget to signup”


“Now since you’re watching this right now, screenshot my next snap, go to my website, and signup right now because the sooner you join, the sooner you’ll get access to my premium to see all my sexy shows!”

(and obviously, you can share more specifics about what your ‘sexy shows’ include. I just kept it general, for this example)

The more specifics you can provide and the more clear the mental image is, the more effective it will be.

I’ll share more on that later…

But for now, remember to frame your words and your calls to action in the POSITIVE sense!

As you’re thinking about your Snaps and your promotions, think to yourself…

“Am I giving them a CLEAR mental picture of what I want them to do?”

“What could I do to make this call to action/promotion even more clear and specific?”

Implementing that can make all the difference in your promotion.


P.S. This type of “Mind Control” is completely natural.

It’s not about ‘controlling someone’. It’s about understanding how humans think and operate and using this information to help us all get more of what we want.

Make sense?

So go out there and use this power for GOOD! 🙂


3 Simple Ways To Get More Sales to Your Premium Snapchat…Without Getting Naked!

Imagine being able to MAGICALLY and almost hypnotically get more people to do what you want…

Don’t think you can?

Well keep reading this blog post because you’ll discover 3 simple tips you can start using TODAY to get more people to join your premium Snapchat.

(I’ve used all 3 tips in this blog post already!)

After you read this whole post and get the tips…

Re-read this blog post and see if you can find the tips in those first few sentences. 😉

Tip #1: Give Calls to Actions in Sets of 3

First, what’s a Call To Action?

Basically, it’s telling someone something you want them to do.

Ex “Join my website
“Take out the garbage”
“Pick me up at 3”

Those are calls to action and they work whether you’re talking about your premium Snapchat or anything else in life.

So what’s the secret of 3?

To put it simply…

If you can give someone 3 calls to action, it’s more likely to sink into their brain, so they actually do it.

Even the military has done studies and found when they gave people 3 commands (or calls to action), the person was more likely to act upon them.

What’s an example?

Telling someone

“Go to my website”…

compared to…

“Go to my website, click the button and join!”

Even as you read that, do you see (and feel) a difference?

Does one compel you to want to actually join more?

It’s simple and effective.

Now on to Step 2…


Tip #2: Make Your Call to Action (CTA) specific!

Ex: “Go to my website, click the button that says YES! Sign Me Up! And then fill out the form to sign up!”

You see how being specific can paint a more clear picture in your mind?

That’s KEY!

When you want to influence someone or have them remember something…

You want to give them a CLEAR MENTAL PICTURE of what you want them to do.

And you do that by being specific!


Tip #3: Give people a REASON to do it!

In the classic book on persuasion, Influence by Robert Cialdini, (which I encourage you to read) they did an experiment to test if ‘giving people a reason’ would help them influence people more.

Did it work?

Well keep reading because I’ll tell you!

I just did it.

Did you see it? Lol

I gave you a reason to keep reading….BECAUSE I told you I’d tell you! 😉

So yes, they had a woman in a grocery store wanting to check out with a few items.

They did a test and had her ask people waiting in line if she could cut ahead of them.

When she just asked,

Can I get in line ahead of you?”

Only a small percentage of people actually let her do it.

However, when she gave them a reason, it was nearly 4x as effective!

Ex: “Can I get ahead of you in line because I have my dog in the car?”

or “Can I get ahead of your in line because I only have a couple items?”

There’s a lot of psychology behind why this works, but the bottom line is…

When you give people a reason (whether it’s an important reason or not), their brain justifies the request because there’s a reason.

Their brain doesn’t have to ‘wonder’…

Since there’s a reason, it must be true or okay.

So when you tell people to join your premium…

Give them a reason!

Because it’s the smart thing to do…

So rather than saying…

“Hey, join my site!”

How about…

Hey, join my site because you’re not gonna see this anywhere else!”


Hey, join my site because I want to see your name in my premium account”

To recap these 3 Simple Tips…

  1. Give people a call to action in 3’s
  2. Be specific in your call to action
  3. Give people a reason to do what you ask

Now, what if we mix in all 3 tips here…


Alright, screen shot my next snap, go to my website (www.example.com), and then click on the button to fill out the form and sign up because I want YOU to see me fully uncensored inside my premium!”

Did you find all 3 tips in there?

  1. The CTA was at least 3 steps
    (1. screen shot my snap,
    2. go to my website,
    3. click on the button,
    4. fill out the form,
    5. sign up)lol I tend to stack my calls to action. The more the merrier 😉
  2. Specific
    (Giving the specific website name, click on the button, fill out the form, is more specific than just go to my website and signup)
  3. Give people a reason
    (…fill out the form and signup…because I want you to see me…)
    That was a reason.


While these tips might seem simple…

They are very effective to get people to actually take action!

Like the saying goes,

Small hinges swing big doors”

So practice these influence tips, use them in your Snaps and notice how you’ll start getting more people to join your premium as you continue to use them every day!


Because you want more sales, don’t you? 😉


Jared “Your Word Guru” James


P.S. With these tips, and the ones you’ll continue to learn as you come back to this blog each day and see the other Influence and Marketing tips…

You’ll start to engage your brain, get more creative and your words and communication abilities will become more and more powerful, allowing YOU to create the results in life you really want

giving you a greater sense of personal power!


Of course, this post isn’t saying you can use these tips and EVERYONE is going to do what you say.

You can’t make someone do something that they don’t want to do.

That’s not what I’m talking about here.

And I’m also not talking about manipulating people or deceiving people.

What I’m talking about is effectively communicating with people, so that the people that actually WANT to join your premium are more likely to do it now.


And stay tuned to my next blog post to learn how you might actually be keeping people from joining your premium, without even knowing it!

And how to easily fix it, so you get people flocking to join your website like bees to honey.

For now, re-read this blog post and notice if you can find how I use these tips in this blog post…


Or just go ahead and start using these tips in your Snaps today, so you can begin getting more people to join your premium, because that’s why you decided to read this blog post, isn’t it? 🙂


The #1 Reason Why Premium Pornstar Snapchats Are Better

This is so much better than regular porn!”

Damn that’s hot!”

You made my cum so hard…twice!”

That’s what many guys are saying about these premium pornstar Snapchat accounts.

Imagine seeing one of the sexiest women you’ve ever seen…

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Biting her lip…

Touching her sexy body, and…

Getting undressed…just for YOU!

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Now why are premium pornstar Snapchats better than regular porn?

Simply because YOU get to connect with them directly!

Watching a porn is so 1990s!

Get with the times!

It’s all about that personal, private connection, feeling like you’re right there with them.

As you probably already know, social media has changed EVERYTHING.

Now YOU get to connect with porn stars and other adult models through social media…

Snapchat is like the new TV…

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P.S. If you’re looking to have better sex, last longer, and give you woman the best sex she’s ever had…

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Stay tuned to hear more…

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Why Webcam Girls Shouldn’t Do The Macarena

The Macarena?!

You probably haven’t heard that since the 90s, right?! lol


Well there’s a reason I mention it…

Keep reading and you’ll see what I mean.

But first, I have to tell you something very important.

“Your pussy is valuable!”

Wouldn’t you agree?

Well it might sound obvious, like….

Duh, Jared! Of course my pussy is valuable! That’s why I do what I do!”

Yes, but here’s what I mean…

If you’re a cam model, people can basically watch your uncensored action for free, right?

If you’re on MyFreeCams or any other cam site, and you’re doing a show there…

Anyone can go to the site, select from THOUSANDS of other women and basically get a free show without paying anything.

And then you’re there showing your sexy and beautiful body…

…performing your best, HOPING that some guys in the room will tip you.

Well I’ll say it again…

Your pussy is valuable!”

So why show it to EVERYONE, when only a few actually pay you?

Well it’s probably because you didn’t realize there’s a better way!

And that’s why many of our models prefer having a premium Snapchat account with us.


Because ONLY the people that pay will actually get to see your pussy and all other parts of your beautiful body.

I mean that’s pretty much what one of our models told me…
(screenshot below of her comment)

Your paying customers get what they want…

And the people that don’t buy, don’t get to see everything!

Seems more fair to your customers, doesn’t it?

PLUS, you can chat and interact with your customers in your premium, rather than weeding through all the freeloaders that might be watching you on a cam site or somewhere else online.

Also, by doing a premium Snapchat…

You’re able to be a lot more mobile, since all you need is your cell phone and internet.

This gives you the freedom to do a premium show in your car, in a dressing room, or anywhere else you want…without having to bring your whole laptop and webcam with you!

Is this starting to make sense?

Now I know what you’re thinking…

But Jared, these cam sites have a LOT of people on there, so it’s easy for me to get a lot of people to watch me. I don’t have a big Snapchat page, so I don’t get a lot of people to watch my premium shows.”

And that’s totally understandable.

Here’s how we solve that issue for you…

You see, when you decide to become a MuseModel and work with us on your premium Snapchat, you get to leverage our Snapchat networks!

We have a network on Snapchat of nearly 200k viewers (as of me writing this blog post). And we are growing that network size every day.

And we allow our models to promote themselves on our Snap pages for free, so they can get more sales to their premium account!

This way it’s much easier for YOU to make more money with your premium Snapchat, rather than doing everything on your own.

Does that make sense?

Now let’s face it…

As you probably already know, the adult industry, just like most other industries, is changing BIG TIME…

The internet and social media has changed the game for EVERYONE!

Membership sites and cam sites aren’t what they were in 1995.

Remember 1995??

That’s when The Macarena was popular!
(lol, I told you I’d tie that back in)

Nowadays, guys want that personal and private connection.

And they want it wherever they go.

That’s what Snapchat is all about.

It’s private, personal and mobile, so it fills this need!

So if you’re tired of the “cam show freeloaders” and you ONLY want the people that pay to see you naked and connect with you…

…then you may want to consider partnering with us on your premium Snapchat.

And it doesn’t matter if you have a premium Snapchat account already or not because we can work together either way.

And if you have any questions, feel free to post them in a comment below or Contact Us here.


Jared James
> Your Escort to Freedom
(And not the illegal kind of escort, but the kind of escort that escorts you to your seat in the movie theater) 😉

P.S. So if you’re a cam girl, don’t be doing the Macarena or webcams like it’s 1995.

Step into 2017 and ride the wave of the premium Snapchat trend!

It’s better here.